Ice Cream!

July 12, 2022

Dreamies Creamery

Many probably don’t know, I grew up on a dairy until I was almost 8. Along with this dairy we had an ice cream parlor. I literally was able to walk, with my older siblings, to the parlor after school. We vividly remember the black and white checkered floors, the jukebox, the red bar stools and one random memory was always the smell of the dry erase markers they used in the back of the parlor! Even though my parents world may have involved more stress, as a child, it was nothing but pure bliss!

Ice cream is one of those treats that brings almost everyone back to a childhood memory. It is one reason why I was so excited to do a brand session with Dreamies Creamery! Not only is your sheep ice cream truly remarkable, your colors, the flowers, picnic tables and the overall atmosphere brought me back to those parlor days. Let’s just replace the smell of dry erase markers with the heavenly smell of your freshly made waffle cones! That scent needs to be bottled up and saved some how!

Allison, Maria and Julie your whole set up is absolutely beautiful. The amount of sweat, tears and love you have put into this venture is easily seen. No wonder I was able to witness the long line of customers, anxiously waiting their turn to taste your delicious ice cream. Made with sheep milk! Who knew! Nothing like other milks I have had, where you taste the animal it came from…

To those who are kind enough to read this blog, if you are ever in Dallas, Oregon, go find Dreamies Creamery! You will not be disappointed!

Malena Mitchell