Here we go…

June 13, 2022


You may be wondering why, Malena, are you starting a blog? That is an amazing question! There is only so much that can be said on social media. Not a lot of people want to read a post which keeps going and going, BUT there is so much more to a session than the after pictures. This is why I made the decision to begin a blog. It provides a space where I can go into more detail about my amazing clients, share a little more from our session together and also anything photography related you might find interesting. The first couple of posts may not seem flashy or mind-blowing, but I truly hope you will join me on this new journey. If anything you might get a good laugh at this young mama trying out new tricks! There is also guaranteed to be a decent amount of editing mistakes. At least, until I hopefully get a far more competent family member to help proof read. Until then, bare with me and laugh with me!

Now that a small introduction has been put in place, let’s get on to the purpose of these blogs in the first place!!

This was my first senior session of the year for 2022 and it did not disappoint! Courtney was absolutely amazing! I mean, she came dressed to impress for certain! The one thing we absolutely wanted in the pictures were flowers. May in Oregon, I thought for sure we would have our pick of places to photograph with flowers. Unfortunately it ended up the opposite. With the extra cold start to summer and a bit more rain than normal all the typical places I love to go for flowery photos were still pretty and green, but lacking that extra spark of color and beauty. Courtney and her mother Laura were amazing sports as I kept trying to rack my brain for a good spot. Luckily my mother’s neighbor is a miracle worker in the garden! She purposefully has flowers/ flowering trees/ and just gorgeous plants for each season! When I showed up early to secure the different locations on the property I would want to use, I was in awe! The sun was shining, finally, there was this glowing pink dogwood tree, a pathway straight out of a regency novel, and simple loveliness everywhere.

The part of this session that topped it off, was Courtney’s natural ability in front of the camera! She truly got it. Using the correct language to help one settle into a “natural” pose doesn’t always come quickly to my tongue, but Courtney was on it. Without needing extra words or encouragement she found the grace and beauty to each pose! Truly, I would make a simple statement, she would then make the intended pose go far beyond the mere description should give! I don’t know about you, but getting a solid soft lip look is not an easy task. She NAILED it time after time! A quick favorite moment; we were by the white garden gate and we were taking photos with a rose Courtney and Laura brought with them. During this short series of photos it was like shooting in a regency heaven! The sun was hitting her beautiful blonde hair just right, her gentle and kind personality shining through, with the flowers all around… It was a magical moment for sure! It all went as smooth as it did, because of Courtney. It was one of those sessions where when it ended, I was anxious to get home and see the final results!

The reality of being able to take pictures as a side job, at the moment, is one I never thought would be a true thing in my life. I owe and enumerable amount of thanks to Courtney, Laura and so many others who have entrusted me to capture these special moments in their lives. It is not something I take lightly. My goal is always to provide a relaxed, joyful and ultimately enjoyable session. One that leaves the senior, family or couple, as excited as I am to see the final product!

Thank you again to the those who have started this journey with me in the past to where I am now. Each session, each client has been one I will never forget, because each of you have helped me grow! Each of you had the faith and patience with me. There is still improvement I seek in certain areas, but I can say, I am happy with where I am at the moment. I’ve nailed down the type of photography I love to shoot, the style in which I edit those photos and securing the business side of things a little bit more.

To anyone willing to read this silly photographers blog, welcome to this new journey, new growth opportunity, new chance to meet new people and experience the immense beauty the people in this world hold.

A final thank you to Courtney and Laura for a wonderful evening and a massive congratulations to Courtney on her graduation! I cannot wait to see what you conquer in your years to come!

Malena Mitchell